Anonymous asked:
Hey Angela, your new hair color looks really great :) what color did you use?

Lightest ash blonde. I had previously dyed it that same color months ago as well. :)

Get Ready with Me: SUMMER FUN DAY

Anonymous asked:
I meant keep up with Hey Unni but, come to think of it, just keep up with it all. LOL.

Oh lol. I do have a new blog post up on there. :)

Anonymous asked:
Hey. Keep up the blog. It's interesting.

Do you mean here on tumblr or on :)

Korean Weight Standards
HEY UNNI: The Ahjumma Hair

If you grew up in an Asian family, I’m sure you might have had your share of hair perms aka The Ahjumma Hair / Ahjumma Perm or know someone who has..

Easy dot nails! A more colorful version of my nails I had in my last 2 vids. Now, can someone come and paint my right hand?? :) #instatutorial #taeyang #rise

Have trouble putting on eyeliner? I’ll show you the way to perfect even eyeliner every time!

Anonymous asked:
Hello Angela! Haven't seen you for a while on youtube. hope you're doing well!

I’m good! So sorry for the late reply. I’ve been back for quite some time now! :)

nonchalanceseo asked:
Angela! I miss your videos ):

I’m guessing this was from last year…. I’m back now!! :)