Anonymous asked:
MAKE NEW VIDEOS PLEASE! I'VE BEEN MISSING YOU!! haha please make videos though!

I know it’s been a while. I’ll be back soon. Hopefully next month.

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HEY UNNI: Korean Dramas - Expectations vs Reality

Korean dramas ruined my love life.

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soojunglee asked:
What is on your bucket list?

Ah the bucket list. I made one last year with my cousin and we keep adding things on. A lot are small things like go to a murder mystery show, fruit picking, paintballing, planetarium, go to a JT concert (which I’m going in July! Yieeee!), skydiving (on the day I was suppose to go the weather was bad so we had to cancel.. Maybe it was a sign not to do it! Lol).. But it’s more I guess to be happy and try to make time to do new things. :) Oh! Travel to Korea!!



stacyohbby asked:
Hey Angela! I've been watching your videos since 3 years ago and just wanted to say you're so pretty & so down to earth! When there were limited videos on how to apply eyeliner to really saved me! :p Thank you for that <3

Hi Stacy! Thank you for the kind words! I’m glad that I have helped in some way. :D